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  • Toward Highly-efficient GPU-centric Networking
    Massimo Girondi.
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2024.
    Licentiate Thesis
  • Toward GPU-centric Networking on Commodity Hardware
    Massimo Girondi, Mariano Scazzariello, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., and Dejan Kostić.
    EdgeSys 2024
  • Packet Order Matters! Improving Application Performance by Deliberately Delaying Packets
    Hamid Ghasemirahni, Tom Barbette, Georgios P. Katsikas, Alireza Farshin, Amir Roozbeh, Massimo Girondi, Marco Chiesa, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., and Dejan Kostic.
    19th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI ‘22), 2022.
    Community Award Winner!
    PDF DiVA
  • High Speed Connection Tracking on Modern Servers
    Massimo Girondi, Tom Barbette, and Marco Chiesa.
    IEEE HPSR 2021
  • Efficient traffic monitoring in 5G Core Network
    Massimo Girondi.
    KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, 2020.
    Master Thesis
    URL DiVA
  • Comparison of flow classication methods for Load Balancing
    Davide Brunello, Massimo Girondi, Elisabeth Mintchev, Omar Giordano, Devinoraya Radityapalma, and Marc Viñas.
    KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, 2020.
    Technical report for the IK2200 Course at KTH
  • Multiflow distribution management for videoconference on a single PeerStreamer overlay
    Massimo Girondi.
    University of Trento, 2018.
    Bachelor Thesis, in Italian. Original title: Gestione della distribuzione multiflusso per videoconferenza su un singolo overlay PeerStreamer

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