I always forget how to do it. So let’s write it here :P

Get a list of the interfaces of VM:

sudo virsh domiflist --domain THE_VM_NAME

Get the IP of an interface

sudo virsh domifaddr --domain THE_VM_NAME --interface INTERFACE_NAME

Or for all known addresses:

sudo virsh domifaddr --domain THE_VM_NAME

You can also check all DHCP leases by the hypervisor. In this case for default:

sudo virsh net-dhcp-leases default

However, if you are using a macvtap interface, exposing the VM on the network, this is likely to not show any address, since everything is handled by your network’s DHCP server, and thus libvirt has no knowledge about it.

Likely, you can use a sudo nmap -sn or arp -a on other network’s hosts to find the IP. Change the subnet, obviously!